The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

11 Essential Podcasts Every Freelancer Should Listen To

What are the best podcasts for freelancers and remote workers? Pulling from years of my own personal listenership, I offer this list of 11 must-listen podcasts any freelancer can get immense value from.

Freelance podcasts are dime-a-dozen. But good freelance podcasts? Just a few.

I’ve been listening to work and business podcasts since early in the decade. I can tell you with great confidence that, if you’re careful not to “procrasturbate”, they are absolute gold mines. Packed with real-world insights and unraveling like a weekly pep talk, these shows help you pick the feet of your business.

In today’s article, we are going over eleven of the best shows every freelancer and remote worker should start listening to.

The 11 best podcasts for freelancers and remote workers

Below is a collection of what I think are the best podcasts for freelancers and remote workers. I listen to these shows regularly myself.

#1. The Fizzle Show

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

There is a good reason why The Fizzle Show sits atop this list. Hosted by Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves, co-founder of the same-name online community for builders and entrepreneurs, The Fizzle Show is home to some of the most candid conversations about building a business, working as a freelancer, and more.

That stems from the fact that the people behind the podcast share such infectious energy, like Barrett Brooks and Steph Crowder who share insightful thoughts on making money online as well as willfully participate in some witty banter.

This podcast is my do-or-die in the realm of building a business, be that a startup or a service-based business. I’ve learned plenty from the free stuff they consistently put out, but have gotten even more from their members-only community.

I urge everyone to join Fizzle; click here to get 10% off your membership, forever.

#2. The Copywriter Club

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Don’t let the name fool you. Even if it’s positioned to help mostly copywriters, The Copywriter Club stands out because it tackles topics beyond the craft. Hosted by Rob Marsh and Kira Hug, the show delves into the business of writing by speaking with copywriters who make good money online.

I have taken away many learnings from this podcast and applied them when I was still actively doing contract work for clients. If you’re a writer looking to learn how to double your freelance income, this is the podcast to listen to.

#3. Live in the Feast

For many, freelancing means diving headfirst to the vicious cycle of feast and famine. Jason Resnick hosts the weekly show, Live in the Feast, which teaches freelancers to pave their own paths towards the latter—and the latter only.

Jason focuses on a specific topic per season. This season (currently the sixth), the focus is on pricing.

#4. WorkLife with Adam Grant

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Presented by TED, WorkLife is a show featuring organizational psychologist Adam Grant who’s on the quest of cracking the code of making life at work suck less. Each episode is guaranteed to grow into an interesting conversation with an interesting professional doing interesting work.

#5. Freelance to Founder

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Millo’s Freelance to Founder is a terrific show about freelancers who progress into building their own business. The show is hosted by Brandon Hull, who pulls incredible insights and inspiring stories from the show’s guests. Among those guests, some of my favorites have been Paul Jarvis, Brennan Dunn, Tom Kulzer, and more.

It’s one of those shows that you’re sure you’ll take away much after listening. I’m always on the lookout for a new episode each week.

#6. Hello Monday 

Monday sucks, no? LinkedIn’s Hello Monday looks to change that. Featuring conversations with people like Seth Meyers, Anna Faris, and more, the show offers a new understanding of work and the role it plays in our lives. The show is hosted by Jessi Hempel and is in its second season (at the time of writing).

#7. Being Freelance

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Being Freelance is a weekly show hosted by freelancer vlogger, Steve Folland. The podcast has been called “inspirational and realistic” in the way it offers its “engaging, funny, and interesting peek into the lives of various different freelancers”.

I can vouch for these blurbs, being a long-time listener and follower of the podcast. Each episode, while packed with useful information, is also a reminder of why I champion freelancing in the first place.

#8. The Productivity Show

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

You want to nail productivity down if you work remotely and/or freelance. The Productivity Show, by the good folks at Asian Efficiency, is a great audio resource on improving the quality of your work, so you can spend more time on things that matter most.

I’m a big proponent of productivity myself. I take with me forever the TEA productivity framework, which I still use to this day.

#9. Clients From Hell Podcast

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Borne from the eponymous blog, Clients From Hell is similarly funny as a podcast. Hosted by Kyle Carpenter, the show picks up from where its previous host, Bryce Bladon, left off. It’s still consistently humorous yet helpful to anyone who’s hoping to thrive in their freelance work.

#10. Freelance by Folyo

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

I recently discovered this podcast when I first came upon Folyo, a premium service that provides freelancers handpicked RFPs and job opportunities. Aptly titled Freelance, the show talks to and picks the brain of successful freelancers and business owners.

Every episode is about half an hour-long, which is great if you’re looking for quick listens with quick wins.

#11. Unthinkable with Jay Acunzo

The 11 Absolute Best Podcasts for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Jay Acunzo is a wildly successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcast host. His show, Unthinkable, is about the ways we approach our work and the people who defy these conventions. Jay is an incredibly talented storyteller (his business, in fact, is all about helping companies tell their stories better through podcasts), so you can expect each episode to unravel like lasting conversations with invaluable takeaways.

Do great work—remotely

That does it for our list of the best podcasts for freelancers and remote workers. If you’re looking for tips, resources, and insights on remote work, read our blog. And while you’re at it, find remote jobs by checking out our curated remote job boards.

Have we missed your favorite freelance podcasts? Let us know in the comments.

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